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Frugal Toronto

making do with less....

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This is a community for anyone living in Toronto who is concerned with trying to make their money stretch further while still retaining some sort of quality of life.

What can be posted? Anything that makes one's quality of living better while being frugal at the same time (ie. "genuine sales" (food, clothing, furniture, etc. but NOT iPod), rental accommodation, budgetary advice, economizing, second-hand goods, sewing, education, do-it-yourself, recipes, maintenance, repair, self-sufficiency, cheap tickets, entertainment, etc.).

What cannot be posted? No pyramid schemes of any kind. They will be automatically deleted and the poster will banned. Also, this is to be a supportive community so no harsh words of any kind (ditto flames, etc.). The offender will be warned once and their post/comment deleted. Second offenses get a banning for a week...third offenses are permanently banned. Also, no off-topic or non-Toronto related posts! They will be deleted. Further rules will be added if and when necessary.

Moderator: eternalrevenge